How we work?

Our quality makes a difference
Every project; every assignment is carried out accurately. CLASS works with CLASS. We treat our customers just like we want to be treated ourselves. That is why our service is excellent. In assisting you, our knowledge broadens and becomes more profound, so we can open up new horizons again and again.

We know that you are busy, so our Business Consultants come to you wherever you are based. They will help you brush up your reporting systems, make sure there are no gaps in your employee paperwork as well as offering the chance to talk through the commercial challenges and opportunities facing your business.

They can also assist you with setting up cost effective bookkeeping or payroll support with our accounting team.


Tax and employment specialists
We want to be sure our customers receive the best possible advice at all times. Our Business Consultants will be more than happy to put you in touch with our Tax Consultants and Salary Specialists throughout the year.

Commercial Insight reports
Periodically your Business Consultants will work with you in order to prepare Commercial Insight reports, which aims to deliver actionable commercial guidance to help increase profitability and growth. This can be combined with, among others, monthly, quarterly or annual cash flow forecast.

Project or continual services
Apart from the administrative duties that we carry out for our customers on a recurrent basis, CLASS is also very active in many other areas of our profession. Our business relations have involved CLASS many times in a large variety of (administrative) projects, among which are interim management, reorganisation and drawing up business plans. The outsourcing of CLASS staff to your company is only one of the many possibilities.