Sometimes you need an advice to make the best decision!



CLASS will be able to assist your company in different fields of advice; how to do your statutory company obligations, inform you about the legal obligations of your business administration, putting human resources procedures in place, which steps to be taken for pension contributions, or advice you with your company structure.

General Compliance

Through our company secretarial services, we will assist you in identifying and tackle your statutory company obligations and keep track of the compliance deadlines throughout the year.

Human Resources

At the outset, putting Human Resources procedures in place is often something that business owners don’t have time to do. But as businesses grow, it is essential to get the employment paperwork in order as it is only a matter of time before someone asks to see your maternity or sickness policy.

Emploment law

Our Business Consultants will also assist you with constant employment legal advice, making sure that your contracts of employment are up to scratch. And if you subsequently run into a difficult employment situation, to make sure you don’t make mistakes in terms of employment law.


Taking care of your employees and their future is by arranging their pensions. Our tax specialists will be able to offer tax advice on how best to gain favourable tax treatment on your personnel or company pension contributions.

Company structure

Starting a new business can be complicated. Whether you’ve been operating as a Sole propriety ship and need to incorporate or you’re setting up a completely new company, we can guide you through the process and liaise with the appropriate authorities on your behalf.